Our Interests



Rich's interests are rather esoteric and tend to be along the areas of computers or science, while Rhonda's tend to focus on the arts and creative expression. Our mutual interests are often a combination of both.

Mars and Venus are in conjunction.

Rich's Interests are as follows...

UFO's are his primary interest and he has spent over 36 years proving it.

Information Technology (IT)   is next on his doorstep.

Knowledge Management (KM) is another interest. This blends his experience in IT, Training & Development, and TQM...

Science is another strong interest, especially, space, meteorology, history and nature.

Now let's take a look at Rhonda's Interests...

Dancing is where her heart is set free.

Music   of every form is her release.

Creative Arts   represents her expressive nature in a physical medium.

Partnership   is something that her soul desires.

Goals & Objectives  set her path

Leadership   is what she posesses and demonstrates

These are Our combined interests...

Family, Friends & Fun  is what we truly enjoy.

Health, Organic Foods & Wellness keeps us going day-to-day.

Gardening   gets us outdoors and in touch with the earth.

Movies   are our escape from reality.